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50 All Time Best Photos in a Contest

all in club photo contest

Hi! I’m putting myself way out there.  I’ve entered 50 of my favorite all time best photos in a contest at shootandshare.com   I feel so small against so many amazing photographers in the world.  I went for it, and now I’m in the “All in Club” with my “Badge of Courage” Ha, the Wizard of Oz Lion would be proud!  I’m not a fan of being judged, who is really?  But, I figure I  need to get out there, join the ranks, and put what I feel are my 50 all time best photos.  There were categories that I needed to choose from such as Family, Emotion and Excitement, and Just the Bride.

I also discovered in doing this little exercise that I take pride in my photos of engagement sessions, wedding rings, the wedding couple, and emotion and excitement of the wedding day the best.

So thank you to my clients who trusted themselves in front of my camera and artistry.  You are all my all time best.  See if you spot yourself in any of these categories below.  If you do, share and keep up to date.  Maybe we will win!

Of course let’s start with the cutest clients first, the kids.

Children: Toddlers, Teens, and Kids

childrens photos best of


Family is a strong bond that is never broken.

all time best family photos

High School Guy/Girl

These gals and guys have got a fresh start of the life of adulthood.  I’m proud of my high school clients.

all time best of high school senior photos


Finally, I have saved the biggest category for last and it is composed of most of 50 photos in the entry.


My favorite time to spend with my wedding clients.

all time best of engagement photos

Details: The Rings, All Dressed up, Cakes and Flowers and Decor

We have set the stage for bling and loveliness and all things fancy and beautiful for the wedding day.  I’m writing run on sentences now.  But really love is beautiful and all the things we associate with love is beautiful.  So here are my all time favorite best photos of rings, cakes,dresses, shoes, flowers.

all time best ring photosmy favorite cake topper and flowersmy favorite wedding shoes and dresses

Just the Guests

Wedding guests are the best.  I love capturing the interaction of grandparents with the grandchildren.   And well the guy with the chicken mask is the groom, but the guests are highly entertained.

wedding guests

Emotion and Excitement

My favorite I’m sure of it.  I’m tickled at how these moments panned out during the wedding day.  I love the nervous groom, the emotional father giving the daughter away, mom crying with son, a nervous bride, and laughing brides.  I could look for and capture moments like these all day.  This is my favorite of the best of photos. Oh wait I said that:)

exciting emotions of the wedding day

Just The Bride

And wow look at these ladies!  No further explanation needed.

all time best bride photos

The Bridal Party

I love how the guys held the flowers for fun.  I love the elegant ladies. I love how the daughter is a bridesmaid.  All weddings are as unique as they are lovely.

best bridal party photos

Just Bride and Groom

This was a big entry for me, because I have so many good looking people in love.  You all look good in love.  Thanks for being you!

best of bride and groom photosmy favorite bride and groom photos




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