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Before and After Photography Edits with Sleeklens

Before and After Photography Edits with Sleeklens

Ever wonder what goes into editing your photos before you get your final product?  A LOT!  Photographers are artists and we want to provide the best final image possible.  I use lots of tools to create the feel I am going for during the shoot and after the shoot.  Most importantly, after the shoot I set to work in my digital darkroom and that is where the magic happens.  This after work, most folks do not see, so it nice to show some of what I do behind the scenes.  I happened upon Sleeklens this fall, and my style is molding toward warmth with a pop of color.

The presets and actions from Sleeklens are just what I have craving.  They are filled warmth with color!  I love these for my style.  They are perfect editing tool for my fall weddings and Christmas minis.  I can’t wait to try it out on my spring weddings.   I used the actions for photoshop in these before and after example edits.  If you use presets or actions YOU HAVE to CHECK these out.   Without further ado let’s dive in the nitty gritty.


bride on Madison Capitol Square

Before – Yes we “make” her veil fly during the shoot.  Then the Sleeklens actions go to work.  In this image I used Base from Cloudy Days. Then I used Enhanced tones of Autumn love, and topped it off with the Light Glow of Cream. And now the final AFTER is complete with a few hand edits in the trees.

bride and groom kiss at capital square

For this bride and groom kiss I used Enhanced Tones Autumn love and decreased the warmth just a touch.  Easy edit for a beautiful fall wedding couple.

bride and groom in fall downtown madison

For this Capitol Square kiss I did some hand editing first on the skin and trees, and removed the car in the background.  Then I set work with Sleekless Base from Cloudy Days.  Then more work in the skin with Portrait Retouch with desaturate, honey skin, rose skin, and glow skin.  Finally I pulled the red tones down a bit.   For the final touch I added Enhanced Tones of Autumn Love. And there you have it, the Bride’s favorite photo.

christmas mini session with boxer dog

Finally for a bit different warm feel I used more sleekness on this cute Christmas portrait.  I started with Bright Sunny Days, then added Firestarter, Dark Island and Whisper with a few tweaks to each layer.  For the final touch I added some Toned Vignette yogi brown.

Happy Editing!!

Cheers – Erin Melissa




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