Benji – Class of 2015 Middleton Wisconsin – Madison Wisconsin Photographer

Benji – Middleton, Wisconsin Class of 2015


Benji is such a nice boy!  Or at least that is how my mother or grandmother would describe him.  But he truly is a nice boy and just so cute! All kidding aside, he is a wonderful young man with an awesome family.  He will do great things and help others along the way.  I just know it!

We did our session at Pope Farm Park in Middleton.  The weather was fantastic minus a few hungry mosquitos.  Oh well gotta love Wisconsin!

Mom even helped me with the the lighting work.  Great job mom!  I wish you all the best on your future endeavors Benji.





benji blog board3



benji blog board2

benji blog board4

benji blog board1

benji blog board5



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