Ellyn and Kyle are Married – Madison Wisconsin Photographer- Wisconsin Dells Wedding at the Wilderness Resort

Ellyn and Kyle are Married – Madison Wisconsin Photographer- Wisconsin Dells Wedding at the Wilderness Resort

Ellyn and Kyle were married on June 10th, 2017 in Waunakee followed by a Wisconsin Dells wedding reception at the Wilderness.

They are huge Packers fans.  I mean HUGE!  They incorporated Packers in the engagement session and the wedding colors of course were green and gold.  GO PACK!  Word is they have season tickets, so maybe I will get lucky and join them for a game.  Just maybe.

Ellyn did the something borrow, something blue in a beautiful way.  These are her words exactly.  “So the pin belonged to my mom’s mom.  It was a gift given to her from my uncle while he was away in the navy. He recently passed away. So with them both being gone, that is why that was so important, and it was my ‘something blue’.  The pearls belonged to a lady named Emmogene Wilson, a.k.a Grandma. I had never had a grandmother that was alive my whole life, and she was my neighbor growing up, up until she passed away. She lived to be 101!  We adopted her as our grandma. She had always told us about her pearls from France given to her from her father. Well when she passed away, they were cleaning out her house and found her pearls in a box of play jewelry. So the lady who moved into her house happened to be a goldsmith. She cleaned them up, restrung them and gave them to me to have. They are very special to me.”

Ellyn is very special to Kyle.  He had tears well up when he saw his bride coming down the isle.  I loved every second of the ceremony.  Smiles and tears of joy filled the church and Gods love was palpable.

The cake read the words “FINALLY” and that tipped me off to ask why it said that.  Humble and adorable Kyle and Ellyn have known each other since they were little kids.  What?!!!!! That is super cool.  Boy next door meets girl next door and grew up playing and finally marrying.  How cool is that to know so much about someone.  The word soulmate might be an understatement here.  🙂

Ellyn and Kyle also got their wish of a stunning sunset to cap off the day. A perfect finished to a perfect wedding day.  Congrats and much love!

Cheers – Erin Melissa



Flowers: Friends of the bride

Cake: Karen the Cake Lady

Officiant: Ben Ehrets

DJ: Midwest Sound

Second Photographer: Blu Moose Photography

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church in Waunakee

Reception: Wilderness Resort

Hair and Makeup: Gloss Styling Studio

Stationery: Basic Invite

Dresses: Brides Dress at Marah’s and Bridesmaids at Azazie

Mens Wear: Menwearhouse

Rings: Kesslers



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