bride and groom on lake mendota

Ethan and Morane – An Intimate Lake Mendota Wedding Ceremony


Ethan and Morane Say I DO Part 3

I am going to start this post with words directly from Ethan.
“I was studying in Platteville, WI, and Morane was studying in Lyon, France for college. We both have always had a great love of Ireland and were lucky enough to be able to study in Galway for a semester one spring. We rented rooms in houses just across the street from each other and knew people from our respective schools renting other rooms in each others’ houses, so naturally we hung out in the same group, going out to pubs, traveling. We talked a lot and spent our free time together. She taught me some French, I taught her some English (though she spoke it very well already), and we got to know each other.
Over Easter break, we traveled to London to meet up with a group of her friends who were studying there and had a serious talk on the stairs in their house one night during a party. We decided we didn’t want us to end at the end of the semester. A couple of months later, I returned to the US, and she returned to France a short while after. Over the next five years, as we finished school and started to work, we Skyped nearly every day we were apart, and made trips to see each other as frequently as possible. It was hard, nearly impossible, at times. But absolutely worth it.
On a beautiful, sunny day in July, 2014, during one of her trips here to visit me in Madison, we went for a picnic in Governor Nelson State Park. I asked her to marry me as were walking around afterward. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” -Ethan
WHOA!  This love story is one for the romance books.  I was so very honored to be part of their intimate Lake Mendota wedding ceremony.  The ceremony was held on June 4th, 2016,  at Burrows Park on a warm afternoon.
They did tell me that about a year ago they wed in France, where he had one friend and his parents in attendance.  Then shortly after, she traveled here to make the marriage official in the state of Wisconsin.  So to finalized the marriage vows, the third and last ceremony was held at Burrow’s Park on Lake Mendota.  She had one friend from France and her parents in attendance.  How neat!  How intimate!  How lovely!  Their love has traveled seas, countries, years, and the internet to get where it is today.  I’m blessed to know them.
Ethan and Morane have finally said their vows in front of those most important to them over the years and seas.  They are ready to begin a life together of love and happiness.
Erin Melissa


Brides Dress: Made in France
Officiants: best man and maid of honor
Decor: DYI, and an awesome job they did!

love by the sea

Sea Shore Themed Details

candy wedding favors


Candy favors, games, and wishes for travel.

Ocean themed table scape

More amazing sea inspired table decor.

friends gather pre wedding

Friends gather pre ceremony.

bridal details

Bride and Groom details.

non traditional wedding rings

Love these rings!  Emerald and sapphire on hers and his with the symbols.  So cool!

By the lakeshore

Lake Mendota provides it’s own floral decor.


Ready or not!


Lovely and stunning!

Bride and Groom hand in hand

They walk down the aisle hand in hand.

walk down the aisle


small intimate lakeshore ceremony

A Lake Mendota Wedding Ceremony

parents watch the vows

Mom’s and Dad’s from different parts of the world, but filled with the same feelings of pride.

wedding vows


wedding kiss


Toast to the bride and groom


bride mom hugs


toast to the newlyweds


friends bridal party


married in the park


married on the lake


newlyweds at play


bridal portraits


bride and groom on pier



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