Family Photography in the Snow – What crazy cold business is this?

Today I realized, I NEED to blog about the Garbacz family.

 Tina, my friend and another photographer at called me up to say “hey we need family photos and my extended family will be here.”  I was thrilled to do this for Tina.  It was the week of Thanksgiving, and she had STRESS as we all do, so a tripod and everyone listening was not an option.  I know, I’ve tried with my family.  It’s a disaster!  So time to call in a neutral party to keep peace and family order.  Come to think of it, I need to this to my own family.  I should call Tina.  Anyhow this is how this all got started.

Grandma and Grandpa flew in from Maryland, and they get snow sometimes, so no big deal.  Tina’s brother’s family flew in from California!  They were not used to the cold at all, but they took it in stride for some amazing family photos!  So my point is, if they can do it, so can you Wisconsin folk!  Let’s get out there in Feb and smile!  If the mercury is 20 plus Farenheight it’s game on!  Kids do so well they don’t feel the cold.  Kid’s sessions are perfect for winter.  Just sayin…

So here are a few photos from the Garbacz shoot.  They are lovely people aren’t they?  Stay Warm my friends! ~Erin

Tina’s family




The whole gang!


Sun meets Snow

Some Warming exercise!



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