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Family Photography at Lake Wingra in Madison Wisconsin

Family Photography at Lake Wingra in Madison Wisconsin

These gloomy rainy Wisconsin March days have me yearning for summer!!

It was so very hot last June when we set out for this session.  So I know it will be hot and humid again.  Warm, green, and sunny weather is coming to our city soon.  I promise!!

 My summer dates are going fast so get your families memories on the books today.

Isn’t this little family adorable?  We chose Wingra park near Wingra Boats for some lake side and wooded views.  I think the littlest guy had the most fun!  Those summer colors of pinks and blues with pops of color from my quilt makes me smile.  And you know what?  After each session Mom and Dad usually take the kids for ice cream for being awesome little people.  Ice cream, lake wingra, summer in Madison are all good things!  ahhhhhhh


Erin Melissa


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childrens photography

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