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Grooms- What is your role in wedding planning? – Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Grooms- What is your role in wedding planning?

Grooms, are you the pick every detail along with your fiancé guy or the guy who just sits back and lets her choose everything?  Maybe you are in-between.  Either way you know your partner best and the relationship.  I have seen total involvement to none at all.  My point is be loving, supportive, and most of all have fun with it!  You only do this once and you get to look great on the wedding day too!  Check out this link for more information.

Guys, your wife has been thinking about her big wedding day for some time now. She’s going to have a lot on her plate with planning, picking out color schemes, and all the minor details that are going to bring this special day together.

 Your role is to help make this job easier for your wife. There are some things you’ll only help with and other duties that will be yours alone. This is the perfect time to show your support and show that you’re involved.

Excerpt by Wesley Oaks. Wesley is the owner of a website where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE! Check out his website and follow the iManscape on Facebook for more from Wesley.

And here a few fun grooms and groomsmen photos that are my favorites.  Enjoy! – Erin Melissa

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