Ice, The Siberian Husky – Madison Wisconsin Photographer

Ice is regal.  Ice is majestic.  Ice is happy.  Ice is 14 years old.  What?!  Yep and well loved.  Lauren contacted me to take some portraits of him this fall before the inevitable and unspeakable day arrives.  I am on my third Siberian Husky, and I have already lost one fur baby at age 12.   Lauren loves her baby, and he loves his mom.  Fur babies are special, and I was honored to capture him happy and carefree.

Kisses and Belly Rubs – Erin

ice blog 1 ice blog 2 ice blog 3



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  1. Lauren
    Lauren says:


    Thank you so much for the beautiful photos as well as all the patience and effort you provided to catch him at his best! From one husky lover to another, thank you so much!


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