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Kara and Greg/ Married at Noah’s Event Venue in Lincolnshire Illinois/ Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Kara and Greg are Married at Noah’s Event Venue in Lincolnshire Illinois

Kara and Greg are the coolest!  They live and work in Madison but married in Illinois because that is where the family resides.  They met during a cross country road bike race.  How cool is that?!  Major athletic smart people in love and humble too!  Kara is a doctor. Her friends were reminding her that once she was married it is now Mr. and Doctor Colten. She deserves all the credit as humble as she may be.  They are both very humble lovely people and I enjoyed every minuted of their wedding day.

Speaking of humble qualities, they decided to ditch the traditional reception dinner and go with pizza and ice cream.  Not just any pizza either, but Lou Malnati’s!  Aysha and I were happy photographers indeed!  Donations to world charities were encouraged instead of traditional wedding gifts.  The guest book was a globe 🙂

They are just so very happy to be married.  They had an elegant simple wedding filled with love.   They played, they laughed, they cried and it was all good.  Please scroll down to see an Aunt doing the splits too.  OH YEAH!

Cheers to Kara and Greg! – Erin Melissa

The venue: Noah’s  /Hair and Makeup:  Kara’s Cousin /Stationery:  Wedding Paper Diva’s /Dresses:  Kara’s Vera’s and Bridesmaids David Bridal  in a light blue sea foam green/ Men’s wear:  Joseph A Bank and some wearing grey suits they own/ Rings:  TQ Diamonds/ Flowers: KH/ Ice Cream sundae bar for dessert from the grocery store/  Caterer:  Lou Malnati’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza/ Officiant:  Jeff Fox-Kline/ DJ: An Enchanted Evening / Second photographer: Aysha Nicole Gerald


Illinois wedding photography

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