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Luke and Helena are Engaged to be Married – Tenney Park Engagement Session

Luke and Helena are Engaged to be Married – Tenney Park Engagement Session

Luke and Helena will be married in August of 2017 in Minneapolis.  They  chose Tenney Park for their engagement session because they live, work in, and love Madison.  Luke’s family is from North Dakota, so Minneapolis seemed to be the perfect half way point.  What a beautiful city that is classy and metro with endless options for a gorgeous wedding.

These two goofballs had so much fun!  You can see it in the photos.  They were pointing, searching and just plain playing around.  Tenney park has many places for play.  I feel we utilized all of the great spots Tenney has to offer.  We even ended with a sensational sunset.

They had three balloons at the beginning.  We ended up with one by the time we walked a bit.  At least it was the one with the wedding date.  We quickly did a fun few photos and then that one let go too!  Crazy!

I picked some flowers for Helena and he dipped her.  Then he had a turn as Helena dipped him!  HA!

I wish them the best and feel blessed to be part of their story.

Cheers –  Erin Melissa


metal bridge in tenney park

engaged in fall

playful engagement session

engagement ring

engaged under the oak tree

napping in the park

the wedding date is set

playing in the trees

engagement session dip

funny engagement session dip

lake side tree

sunset at the lake

ducks lake engaged

fun engagement session


autumn engagement session

fall engagement session

lakeside engagement session

madison capitol lake mendota engagement session

sunset engagement session

sunset engagement session



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