Madison Wisconsin Family Photographer – Mother Daughter Spring Portraits in the Park

Mother’s Day is a time to thank MOM for all she does. This portrait session was special for a few reasons. One, because it was the Friday before Mother’s Day. Secondly, I learned we share a special bond.

This session hit me in the heart. Catherine won a photo session that I had donated to the silent auction for the JDRF Gala. I was curious; what was her connection to Type one diabetes? We talked during the shoot and guess what? Yup, her daughter has Type 1 just like my Ella. T1 Moms have a deep connection that only we could know about. We can look at eachother without a word and know the thoughts that race through our minds. “Where you up at 2am like me checking your daughter’s blood sugar? Are you ok right now? Does she need a snack? Does she feel low? Can we get our kids together for some support? God, I hope someday there is a cure! Do you worry about the long term health affects? Are you tired? Are you doing ok with health insurance battles? Do you like your diabetes team at UW?, Is there more we can do to bear each day?”

So Happy Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow T1 moms who get a special super hero award for being mom, nurse, and health advocate each and every day!

Please click on the JDRF link above to learn more about Type 1 and how you can help volunteer to make Type one, Type NONE!

Much love – Erin

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