Madison Wisconsin Photographer – A wedding at the MMoCA

I want to say a very happy first Anniversary to a very special couple who have been the most amazing clients.  Dan and Carla’s love story is a tale of honor, commitment, true love, and caring.  Dan is Carla’s support and her rock as she battles daily challenges with her health.  Carla’s love for Dan and Dan’s love for Carla is palpable and makes one know true love exists.

They came to me in 2012, and planned for the wedding to take place in June of 2014.   In October we did an awesome engagement session with swords and bubbles and a playground and just acted like kids!  It was totally fun!

Then; if I remember correctly, it was Jan or Feb of 2013 they contacted me and said they’d like get married in April and can we do that.  Of course I was worried about Carla and anything we could do for them was a blessing for these two.

A small ceremony was planned on April 20th, 2013.   Wes and I photographed that very special ceremony held on the steps of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in front of a small group of Dan and Carla’s friends and family.  I swear every time I try not to cry into my viewfinder while shooting.  But this was so very special, I cried!  Then kept shooting:)

I’m am thrilled that now the original June date is fast approaching.  They officially will be celebrating their love in a formal ceremony of commitment on June 14, 2014 again at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  Wes and I again will reunite with this lovely group of folks and more we  haven’t met.  Yes I will cry a little behind the camera, but heck this is a love story of one to celebrate and Wes and I are honored to be part of it.

Blessings- Erin


engagement session getting ready






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