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Custom Family and Valentine Card Templates – Madison Wisconsin Photographer

How fun is this?  Think of these as prints and /or flat cards.  I’ve made some family and valentine template examples to carry in at the gallery.

I’m so excited now about client gallery showings!    Stayed tuned for a grand opening date.

For now here are the additions to the collection.  – Cheers!  Erin


valentine 5 x7 blog

                            FRONT                                                                                                                           BACK

Above is a 5 x 7 example of a sweet valentine’s day flat card.  OR….. you could just order the front as a 5 x 7.   The design is from FloraBella, which is one of my most favorites for templates, actions, designs and presets.  The cool stuff they have for photographers really makes your photographs a one of a kind!

This “card” above is my way of making wallet sized prints fun again.  You get 4 in a set and these templates make it so fun to share!  This one is from The Album Cafe, another super duper fun resource for photographers.

This little wallet sized gem above is also from The Album Cafe, but I changed the colors and text to go with the photo.  Anything is possible!

And finally a new take on the family photo!  I thought why not add some wallet sized templates the collection?   And aren’t the quotes fun?!   I created this one using a valentine card template from The Album Cafe, then uploading digital paper from Northern Whimsy Design to add a unique touch to the photo.  I adjusted the colors and text to coordinate with the girls.  And wAAALLAA!

And Finally this wallet collection template is from The Album Cafe with the colors changed from a valentine’s card to create this cute little keepsake.



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