thank -you bridal cards wedding at Trappers Turn in Wisconsin Dells

Bridal Thank-you Cards – Madison Wisconsin Photographer

I CANNOT STOP making cards!  This is too fun!  I want everyone to know how awesome, customizable, and unique these can be for your wedding thank-you cards.  I’ve now just created a set of thank you cards that I hope will rock your socks off!  I added sample text in the writing portion on the back of the cards for a visual reference.  Enjoy- Erin


THANK YOU clean organic 5 x 7 wide


This 5 x 7 flat card is in a wide format in template.  I downloaded the design “Clean Organic” from The Shoppe.  I like the clean lines and colors, so I left it as is.


thank you modern wind

 FRONT                                                            BACK

This 5 x 7 flat card format is also downloaded from The Shoppe.  The original design name is Modern Wind. However, I added a this freebie chevron pattern from Jessica Sawyer Design on Etsy.  Thanks Jessica!  I love how it turned mod and retro all at once.

thank -you style 6

FRONT                                                                                                                                                    BACK

This third 5 x 7 flat thank you card design is one I bought in about 2011 from First Design or Design A Glow, I honestly cannot remember.   I know it’s out of production, but I still really like it.  Yes this is a save the date card, that I modified to make a Thank-you card.  I supposed that being said you could have a set!  Save the Date AND Thank-you’s all set to go for a streamlined look.   Here is an example of the Save the Date of the same exact card template.

save the date style 6





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