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Magnolia Bridal Photo Shoot

I am super thrilled to show you my very first styled bridal photo shoot.

I could not have done this shoot without the talents of many lovely uber talented creatives of the Madison area. One of a kind hand made gowns, the best skin care gal in the area, gorgeous blooms, a stunning model, and a blooming tree made my vision come to life.  THANK-YOU!!

Hair and Makeup: Kylene of Buttercup Beauty in Waunakee

Handmade Dresses: Monica Rose of Monirose Bespoke Gowns

Flowers: Renee of Madison Wedding Flowers

Model: Anne Ritter

Styling: All of us ladies in a coordinated effort of creativity.

 I started dreaming of this shoot this winter during the cold dark days of Wisconsin.  Kylene was the one who really gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it!  Thank-you Kylene!

I live near Westmorland Park in Madison, WI.  The park has the prettiest little orchard tucked into the corner of the park.   It is a much need sanctuary from busy city life.   I have lived in my neighborhood for 6 years.  This year was going to be THE year.  I noticed how every year at the end of April, this huge glorious magnolia tree comes into full bloom.  The fact that we even have a magnolia this far north is cool in itself.   I originally planned the shoot for April 16th.  Well, of course the week leading up that date provided us with snow and cold temps.  I pushed the shoot to April 23rd and it worked!  Thanks for the flexibility of the team too.

We descended upon my house for hair, makeup, and wardrobe.   I even took the chair from my own living room.  My husband came home in the middle of this creative flurry and said ” where is the living room chair?”.  I replied, “it’s down at the park, of course.”  He  knows my creative side and smiled.   Renee helped me get the chair to the park.  I helped her roll out awesome tree stumps to set the stage for her flowers.   She was super gracious in waiting down at park after I photographed her flowers.  I’m sure she enjoyed the pretty setting.

Meanwhile, I hurried back to the house to check on the status of Anne our “bride”.   She was looking lovely as Kylene was putting the finishing touches on her makeup and hair.  And then it hit us, Jewelry!!   So I pillaged my own jewelry collection and all was well.  Like I said, my first styled shoot.  Ha!

The sun provided us a golden hour like none other, and I lost time as we styled and photographed the lovely Anne in Monica’s dresses.

Now, I’m hooked!  Let’s do it again!

Cheers! – Erin Melissa


spring wedding floral

Renee even stopped by the Magnolia tree earlier and adorned this bouquet with fresh flowers.  She even made a magnolia hair piece.  How cool!

bridal magnolia shootAnd I love this lace detail on this dress by Monica.  The romantic look is perfect for a spring wedding.  

spring bride in parkLoved the floral crown Renee created.  Just a simple ribbon with roses.  How neat!

Madison Bride spring




spring bridal flower crownspring bridal bouquets with pink

Of course we add some blue for some spring loveliness.

spring bride and pantone blue

spring bridal bouquet
And why not put the ribbon hair piece on the dress as a sash?  So pretty!!  And this dress from Monica flows and flows and flows.  ROMANTIC!

Magnolia blooms for bride Madison Bridal in parkbehind the scenesAnd last but not least, a little behind the scenes.  Kylene in the pink top.

THANKS again ladies!  I’ll play wedding with all of you anytime.



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