Mel and Kyle are Engaged! – Madison Wisconsin Photographer


“Love knows no season, Love knows no bounds, romance can blossom any old time, we’re walking, we’re hoping, together.”  Cue the music!  It was so darn cold on this shoot!  That song kept running through my head as Kyle and Mel walked together.  I’m such a mush!

We picked Tenney Park in Madison, WI for a session of late fall light and ice.  I feel so bad too because when they first met me, I sent them on a wild google maps chase finding me at the studio.  It was one my very first meetings in the new space.  I  typed 420 instead of 402 East Wilson Street in my email to them.  They actually found me!  It was meant to be.

Mel is NOT a cold weather person.  Kyle kept her warm with hugs and kisses!  We are going to try this again in the spring for Mel’s sake.  I know she has some cute outfits for warm weather’s sake and I know Kyle had fun on the shoot!




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