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Pricing in Photography

Ughhhhhhh, if you are a photographer then you know this is not our most favorite subject.  What in the world should you charge?  Is it enough?  It is too much?

One note from the client side.  What do you value in photography as a client?  Are you looking for a deal or quality or possibly both?  I think there is a photographer for everyone based and budget and need.  There are super awesome up and coming portfolio builder photographers ready to give a deal.  There is a risk though, just like going to the hair salon school.  It’s a deal and probably will be great, but sometimes maybe not.  Its OK we all start somewhere.   If you are client who knows you want quality and a great experience is what you need, then go with a well established photographer.  It may cost more, but you know you will like what you get.

Ok so as a photographer where do we start? In this industry there is no standard rule of thumb in pricing.  There is too much to consider and art is a very subjective.  Then try putting a value on it, and make a living.  You see were the conundrum lies.


Consider the market you live in or where you want to photograph.  Are you a traveling photographer?  Are you a local photographer?  So much to think about!   Here in the midwest of Wisconsin we are a pretty conservative do it yourself breed.  So this keeps costs of most things lower than in the rest of the country.  Exceptions of course maybe the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.  Do your research and see what is average in your area before you under or over price yourself.  If you over price, you will hear crickets.  If you underprice, you will work work work until you are begging for a break.  The trick is to find the happy medium where you get enough work to make a go of it, but not too much where you do not have a life!  If you see yourself growing, make slow adjustments to pricing to outsource and maybe even hire a staff someday.

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Should you share your pricing on your website?  This can be a heated discussion among us photographers.  In someways you want to keep it as exclusive information to your potential clients.  I get it.  The flip side of this is fielding all the clients that are not your clients. (That’s a whole other blog post).  I prefer to post my pricing.  In this way when I do get inquiry most likely they have seen the pricing and are more serious about booking me.  Either way you do it is fine.  It is just personal preference in my opinion.

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I am hoping this post helps some of you.   This is a good discussion that I am always willing to be a part of.  Please add your thoughts and comments below.


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