Skater’s Waltz – Photographing my Kiddo in our Park

There is nothing more freeing that putting on ice skates and just pushing off as fast as possible on a near frictionless surface with the cold wind in your face.  Kids LOVE ice skating.  Ella LOVES ice skating.  She has told me winter is her favorite (next to summer of course), because of her birthday, ice skating, sledding and skiing.  So this being said, she is thrilled with the Groundhog’s prediction of six more weeks of winter.   She teaches a valuable lesson.  Be happy with the day, with what is given to you, and just have fun!  She tackles life face to the wind, nose dripping, blade to ice, and no holding back.  I hope you enjoy my little series of  ELLA ON ICE.

If you’d like to send me out in the cold to take photos of your kids, contact me at  I’m all for it!  Let’s play!






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