The importance of Family and Friends

Hello! This weekly blog post comes one day late thanks in part to the Streptococcus bacteria that decided to move into my throat this week.  The eviction notice has been served in part by Penicillin.

This week I want to talk about the importance of family and friends.  We cannot go on without one another.  We are a social species.  Last week I lost my aunt Charlotte.  She was my mother’s second oldest sister.  She was like a grandmother to me.  Many weekends were spent on Bob and Char’s farm playing with my cousins.  She had a big heart and thought the best of everyone.  She was amazing.  She let me photograph her in 2010 during one of her many hospital stays.  She never thought of herself, only others first.  She was only thinking “sure I’ll help Erin better her photography”, and never once thought “oh no don’t take my picture.”  She was the most giving person I know.

This all being said, Wes and his wife stepped up to the plate and set up the entire booth for the Wedding Planner and Guide show, while I was attending the funeral on the Friday.  Friends and Family are invaluable!  Without Wes and Angela, WE Photography wouldn’t have been at the bridal show.  A big thanks to the both of them!
Which leads me into my next point.  Once our lives have been lived we are left with photographs and memories of those we love and hold dear.  Wes and I are always looking for the opportunity during your wedding day to make happy photos of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and family.  Why?  Because every day is a gift from God.   Laugh, Cry, And Celebrate!  – Erin



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