The Winter Wedding

We all know what we don’t like about winter, but let’s just touch on the things we DO like about winter.  Cozy fireplaces, Christmas, skiing, sledding, and winter weddings of course!  Winter can be down right romantic and cozy for a wedding.  There are a few brave folks who agree; winter is the perfect time to get married in Wisconsin.  Think of the fur stoles and coats, the long sleeved dresses, maybe even a horse drawn carriage ride.  The possibilities are endless with love, romance, beauty, and warmth.   WE would love to photograph many winter weddings.  Chances are Wes and I are available.
I myself was a winter bride.  My husband and I just celebrated our 15 year anniversary.  We were married on 01-09-99 in Baraboo, WI.   I remember the mercury dipped to -10F that day.  Nevertheless we had a wonderful ceremony and reception.  I was a do-it-yourself budget bride.   I collected brass candle holders at garage sales and St. Vinny’s for a year.  My sister and I cut paper snowflakes and pressed them in big dictionaries for months leading up the wedding day.  I picked my dress off the 50% off rack.  Oh yes this was going to work.
I was obsessed with planning the day.   I can only image what brides go through now.  Information overload hello!  Here I go, back in my day…. I did not have the internet.  We did not have cell phones to track our friends’ every move.  Somehow we planned, and we made the day happen:)  And furthermore my wedding was shot on film.  Thanks Michael Cody!  I have about 100 photos of key memories and loved ones that I will cherish forever.  So I share a special place in my heart for my “sister” winter bride.  And those that WE Photography will have in the future.  So cuddle up and enjoy winter!
Blessings –
Michelle and Brian- January 28, 2012 Madison, WI
Rewind!  My day 15 years ago.



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