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Wedding Selfie Fun

But first, let me take a wedding selfie.

How fun is this?  We live in an age of hand held computers!  We can share with anyone in the world instantly what we are doing and where we are at any moment.   I find this extraordinarily fascinating!  I mean, I did not have a cell phone in college, hell, email was invented while I was a freshman in college.   Yup!

We are social animals, and this is the icing on the cake.  I love that we can share so much so often.  And what a special gift to share a wedding day moment instantly with those you love!  Photography is such a huge part of this, and I’m glad we all have a camera in our pockets.   The guests are having a blast and sharing moments with those that maybe could not be there for unforeseen circumstances.  The wedding party is feeling the most gorgeous beautiful selves right now and I love that!

So if I’m your wedding photographer, you bet I’m taking a picture of you taking a picture!

The world, and life is out there.  Go get it and share!

Cheers !  – Erin Melissa

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